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       “If possible…, we will do better!”This is the aggressive spirit that bestowed on every member of RGKNSE family——if any chance or possibility given/ exists, we’d exert ourselves to do better. No pain, no gain. So long as you shed sweats, you can get what you deserve. RGKNSE is a young team full of vitality, more correctly, a team right in the phase of striving. In this phase, there’s no comfort for anyone. I have made RKGNSE from a two-member group to a nearly 200 stuff enterprise. Yet I am constantly fighting and this road is accompanied with joy and misery. Through the whole process I understand the meaning of “pursuing” and “giving up”. I have known the meaning of living, which is to pursue the dreams that belong to we young people. “My dream—to make RGKNSE products all over the world”, and I’m trying hard to realize “her”! My own life motto is“Fighting against the storm is difficult but I must; Daring sacrifice and pursue can make dreams come true”。
       Never forget those who helped you, even though they couldn’t help you anymore someday. Remember their kindness, because they gave you their hands when you were utterly at a loss. Hereby I present my gratitude to the brands, customers and friends who are always by our side. RGKNSE will accomplish the whole task at one stroke with all our advantages, and bring the industry of innovation and high-quality manufacturing to a whole new level!


Company Profile

Lcose Group is a “diversified, collectivized, internationalized” innovative and modern high-tech enterprise with integrated research, development, production and sales departments. Our company has co-operated with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Mary Kay and other famouse overseas enterprises. We are awarded the honors of National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit, CCTV displayed brand, “Excellent self-employed worker” by Shenzhen Futian Enterprise Association, SEG Telecom Market Star Merchant, etc.

Founded in 2009, now our company has subordinates as Shenzhen LongKeSe Technology Development Co., Ltd. for R&D, Shenzhen Yuanhexuan Industrial Co., Ltd. for sales, Shenzhen Lcose Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for manufacturing, Shenzhen UNLOV Network Technology Co., Ltd. for E-commerce and network operation, Shenzhen VRAR Technology Co., Ltd. for VR, AR products R&D, and over 10 flagship chain stores for brand promotion. “Blend all customers characters, integrates all ideas; Lead the industry, spread to the world.” For the great mission of Lcose development, we unite customers’ concepts and shape the brands with heart by following the most fashionable trend. We promote the enterprise and living space swiftly under the idea of “thinking with customers in heart.”

Lcose Group slogan: “If possible…, we will be better!”

Lcose Group’s prospect: Expand Lcose products worldwidely and build the idea in people’s heart that Lcose is the “Trend for innovative, high-quality products industry”. Unite the youngsters with dreams and produce the possibility to change the world!

For the present, Lcose has over 200 staffs, with own injection molding department, E-commerce sales department, SMT department, Assembly department, and Brand image display department. The manufacturing HQ is located near Longsheng CBD in Longhua with near 10,000 m2 area. The Group HQ is located at SEG Plaza, Huaqiang North- Chines #1 Electronic Street. The Corporation has self-owned brands “RGKNSE”, “RKSE”, “Icanany”, “Unlov”, and “VR Case” that have become the leader of cutting-edge foreign trade products in telecommunication, digital, and IT accessories industry. Lcose has built up the image of “the manufacturer and supplier specialized in foreign trade trendy products”. The brand cultural concept of “User-friendly, cost-effective; Innovative quality, changing life” is guiding the corporation’s development. The company think with customers in the heart, and integrates technology into life to promote exquisite and fashionable products. People are accompanied by Lcose products! Self-owned models includes selfie photography devices, livecast fill flash light accessories, lazy phone holders, VR/AR products, special wireless chargers, gamepads, handheld fans, etc. Lcose hot-sale products accompany you and me!


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Company History
  • 2016

    2016 RGKNSE brand image store VR CASE Direct increased to fifteen, the first VR experience center opened SEG headquarters replanning more than 1,000 square feet of Grade A office, signing CCTV advertising products on a total staff of nearly 200 people...

  • 2015


  • 2015

    Established in 2015 with the United States, Samsung, Lotte Group, the intellectual Montolivo Erma, HTC and other well-known multinational cooperation, Shenzhen Satellite TV finance, public channels Long exposure evening of February 13 the self-stick guest color hot sales of foreign trade, the evening of February 20, Shenzhen Satellite TV FINANCE lifestyle channel for RGKNSE self-timer lever founder Wu Ming take entrepreneurship interview, "RGKNSE" hot explosion models of foreign trade manufacturing trade has become well-known supplier lead times ring brand, serving staff of more than 150 people, the new Shenzhen virtual Augmented reality Technology Limited, the rise of independent VR CASE brand products lead the global explosion models VR!

  • 2014

    Continue to add companies affiliated production plants in Shenzhen City, RGKNSE Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the establishment of factories started more than 50 people, assembly lines, has signed a manufacturing agreement with the United States, Samsung, Lotte, intellectual Montolivo Mart and other major brands, products are sold worldwide, China has expanded the store a total of six to September 2014 Long off this color has four subsidiaries, directly under the store six, registered trademarks, patents hundred pieces, the development of foreign trade products popular explosion models more than a few hundred members, Huaqiang North has become one of the leading foreign trade influence brand, more prosperous for the RGKNSE rapid development, RGKNSE Corporation changed its name to the RGKNSE international Holdings Limited. Over the years, RGKNSE to the overseas market-oriented development, in a number of countries around the world access to a broad market, such as the United States, Canada, Britain, France, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Japan and other countries. Long off people of color in each customer-centric service grassroots work, so far, RGKNSE will continue, as always, to do all the work, lead us to expand win-win cooperation, to create a more brilliant future! Many thanks to the support and has been accompanied by growing RGKNSE brand loyal customers!

  • 2013

    New Product Operations Branch Shenzhen source close Hin Industry Co., Ltd., will be moved to the 36th floor SEG Plaza, off Long color corporate headquarters, two new entities store sales experience, the success of the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority for the record number of new products member, registered a new trademark, more than 30 patents, more than 10 flagship shop.

  • 2012

    RGKNSE brand continues to expand internationally popular explosion models of foreign trade goods, moving from the 10th floor to the sixth floor, Stars Plaza, 2 times the size of our company to continue with both hands, while expanding the domestic and foreign research and development of new products in the domestic large online store and shop anywhere visible, the same year was named one of Ali Baba "network operators the most concern to enterprises," the same year and new innovative patented trademarks eight, each new product sales agents dozens of foreign trade sales agreement more than 70 vendors. The establishment of Shenzhen Wyatt Times Network Technology Co. branch.

  • 2011

    2011 product planning with "R" letter as the center, has developed a series of digital words beginning with R balance of 20 accessories, wherein the magnetic bracelets data line R-Cable, cut card reader R-Cutter, well received by customers welcome foreign trade, sales sharply rise, the company expanded rapidly.

  • 2010

    RGKNSE will quickly transition to foreign trade foreign trade service brokers supplier manufacturers, has developed microsim adapter, double cartoons, game joystick handle foreign trade explosion models of products, so RGKNSE one after another in the foreign trade of consumer electronics products, digital accessories formalwear staged field!

  • 2009

    In the foreign trade business development continued under the enhanced development of the domestic market, Huaqiang North as the center and foreign trade companies to promote assistant to Huaqiang North stalls and a number of foreign trade companies supply, quality service to win customers recognized, and then Huaqiang North stars Plaza, Shenzhen was established RGKNSE Technology development Co., Ltd.

  • 2008

    Due to the rise of foreign trade business, the financial crisis era, roasted in the same business in North Huaqiang, registered trade some personal e-commerce platform, beginning the English called "NETEKAMI".

Company Culture
  • 隆客色集团成立庆典
  • 隆客集团员工大会
  • 位于赛格工业大厦一楼的隆客色潮品采购馆
  • 网红们的欢庆开业
  • 隆客色网红潮牌店铺
  • 赛格通信市场“明星商户”
  • 隆客色RKSE潮品网红店隆重开业
  • 欢迎您莅临隆客色集团

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