All-in-one anchor live broadcast floor-to-ceiling desktop retractable beauty fill light RK-75
Date Time:2021-10-21 17:48:23   

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One-piece live broadcast floor-standing desktop retractable beautifying light RK-75, can be used for desktop and floor, freely retractable height, the height can be up to 1.7 meters when stretched, free up and down 180°, left and right 360° rotation design, the center of the tripod is supported by the center of gravity. More "stable" during live broadcast! The lamp ring adopts a V-shaped ellipse design, the lighting effect is more small, and the anchor’s new favorite is a powerful weapon. RK-75 adopts a USB interface wire control switch, and can also be directly powered by a USB mobile power when broadcasting outdoors. White light, natural soft light, warm light, three-color temperature switching, brightness free adjustment, can be connected to a hose mobile phone holder, unique heat dissipation The hot track design is more suitable for long-time live broadcasting, the hidden wire control is convenient for storage, and the detachable lamp ring is convenient for carrying. RK-75 is suitable for 5G internet celebrity live broadcasts, MCN delivery agencies, beauty tattoos, tattoos and eyebrows, hairdressing and manicure, makeup teaching recording, Taobao live broadcast, portrait and still life shooting, etc. You who want to quickly become an internet celebrity , Buy it now!