Folding mobile phone screen amplifier RK-C46
Date Time:2021-01-03 19:38:57   

It’s easy to get tired of shoulders and necks in mobile phone chasing dramas, the screens of the elderly are too small to see clearly, children are easy to be nearsighted in online classes..., the full-screen high-definition details restore magnification 3-4 times, the multi-functional design changes the lifting bracket in seconds, Folding mobile phone screen HD amplifier RK-C46 is here! The viewing angle of the drama can be adjusted according to the height of the person. The true high-definition anti-blue light protects the eyes. The three-position rotation axis supports the angle to completely follow the drama at a long distance without being restricted. After being folded and stored, it is only the size of a book, which is convenient for storage and carrying, making the phone a tablet in seconds , In the era of online class chasing drama, hurry up and buy it!