One-piece Live Beauty Lamp Selfie Stick Desktop Bracket RK-02
Date Time:2020-12-19 17:07:28   

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Smart bright muscle live support RK-02 is an integrated ring light selfie stick, beauty light live support, online learning AI eye protection light desktop support, horizontal and vertical shooting Bluetooth Selfie stick, etc., 6-inch beauty light can be used as an introduction For live broadcast desktop support, imported diffuser material and 80 cold and warm lamp beads break the dark noise, let your live broadcast have a bright face and a bright face, three-stop brightness adjustment, so that you are the queen of beauty in every occasion. Portable folding design, storage freely, stretched 92 cm long and only 22 cm after folding, 360-degree free rotation, satisfying various angles of selfies. The all-aluminum telescopic pole and collapsible tripod make shooting more stable. The detachable Bluetooth remote control can take selfies from a longer distance, freeing your hands to take a better self. It comes with a battery, fills the light and is durable, and the horizontal and vertical shooting clip design allows you Have a lot of live selfies, there are cartoon version and regular version for you to choose, 5G live broadcast short video era, hurry up and buy it!