The fourth generation of hanging neck voice control button king change handle RK-GAME18 generation
Date Time:2020-12-08 18:54:44   

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The fourth generation of new voice-activated halter king change-up artifact III. RK-GMAE18 is coming, the new mini portable design is more compact, and the halter’s voice-activated change-up can easily release your hands. It is a decorative pendant and an instrument of glory for the king. Powerful function, voice control and button change in seconds, let you become a rookie, reversing the battle situation, the magic weapon, let you go directly to the strongest king, Tianxiu operation, four kills and five kills are not a dream! Bluetooth direct connection is ready to use, supports Android and Apple, the new hanging neck design can directly release your hands during the game, let go and fight! The suction cup design can absorb mobile phones, tablets, and various smooth objects! The new three-generation upgrade, Bluetooth connection, intelligent voice control, comfortable hanging neck, human feel, extended use of button electroplating technology, radiant quality. Put it on, the hanging neck of the Return of the King to commemorate the honor of God of War belongs to you!