The third-generation upgrade version of the halter neck voice control button
Date Time:2020-12-08 18:18:18   

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The brand-new voice-activated hanging neck king change-up three-generation enhanced version has been upgraded again. It has powerful functions. It can be changed in seconds with voice control and keystrokes. It will make you a rookie, reversing the battle, and a magical weapon, allowing you to reach the strongest king, Tianxiu operation, four kills Five kills are not a dream! Bluetooth direct connection is ready to use, supports Android and Apple, the new hanging neck design can directly release your hands during the game, let go and fight! The suction cup design can absorb mobile phones, tablets, and various smooth objects! The new three-generation upgrade, Bluetooth connection, intelligent voice control, comfortable hanging neck, human feel. There is only one button between you and the great god! Snap it up! The three-generation upgraded version focuses on improvements

1: Upgrade to a hanging neck model on the transmission of the old three-generation will cover the channel with fingers-voice control is more sensitive

2: The old three generations canceled the electroplating physical buttons, and the new third generation upgraded version continued to use the electroplating buttons, quality assurance

3: Compared with the old three generations, the quality and cost performance are closer to the public, and the price is high.