21 inch (52 cm) Internet celebrity live broadcast extra large aperture ring fill light remote control RK-59
Date Time:2020-11-11 13:37:10   

Video Link: https://v.qq.com/x/page/c3165lsz9o9.html

The 21-inch (52 cm) Internet celebrity live broadcast extra-large aperture ring fill light remote control model RK-59 is a professional for 5G Internet celebrity live broadcast, MCN delivery agency, advertising shooting, web live recording hall, micro film short drama shooting, Studio-level large-aperture universally adjustable lighting live fill lights designed for beauty tattoos, tattoos and eyebrows, hairdressing and nail art, makeup teaching recording, Taobao live broadcast, portrait and still life shooting, and other designs. The effect of fill light is obvious before and after. RK-59 comes with a remote control for wireless remote control of brightness adjustment, color temperature changes, and mode switching. It comes with three cameras to meet multi-platform live broadcasts. The color temperature of 3000K-7500K is soft and the light is soft, and the Ra index is greater than 96. High color rendering, allowing shooting effects Better, beautify and brighten your skin, make live selfies more confident. The RK-59 can be directly powered by a household socket with 220 volts. It comes with a USB output for charging mobile phones, making live charging more convenient. You deserve to have RK-59.