12 inch RGB dazzling color net red live broadcast ring fill light remote control
Date Time:2020-10-21 14:33:32   

Video: https://youtu.be/wnFyW89AXOM

12 inch 30 cm RGB dazzling color internet celebrity live ring fill light remote control RK-42 is a live fill light with colorful multi-color remote control, a variety of RGB colorful lighting effects suitable for various special effects shooting scenes, dazzling Color dance hall, horror atmosphere, fresh grassland, blue sky, mysterious dark and other special effects can be easily created, remote control of color temperature, brightness, RGB multi-color, white light and high cold goddess fan, warm light and cute girl, various live broadcast styles, easy control , Distribution of 360° metal rotating head can realize universal lighting without dead angle. RK42RGB remote control model is a professional model for 5G internet celebrity live broadcast, MCN delivery agency, advertising shooting, web live recording hall, micro film short drama shooting, beauty tattoo, tattoo eyebrow, hairdressing and nail art, makeup teaching recording, Taobao live broadcast , Portrait and still life photography and other designs of large aperture universal adjustment lighting live fill light, the era of short video live broadcast, you deserve it.