World’s Shortest Supreme mini 1 all in one wire selfie stick is released
Date Time:2015-05-20 03:35:51   
According to the feedback of most fashionable monopod users, people concern more about the monopod size, operation steps, cheap price, beautiful design, and universal use. The hot foreign trade products producer, Rgknse manufactures the supreme mini 1 to meet customers’s need. Supreme mini 1 will become the final edition of mini wire monopod.

1. World’s super mini design as short as a pen. Market existed all in one foldable monopod are around 20cm long. Its diameter is around 22mm. however; our supreme mini 1 is 15.5cm long with diameter 18mm which is shorter and smaller. Such design is good for travel carrying. People can keep it in their purse, bag, makeup bag, and pocket. It will be popular with the outdoor activists especially ladies for its light weight and smaller size.

2. Highly compatibility IC wire control design, easy to operate, charge free, no need pair Bluetooth, plug and use. All these advantage make it easier to use for middle-aged and old customers. The upgraded wire control IC can be compatible for more mobile phone brands and systems.

3. Cheap price is more acceptable for all customers.  High quality mini size selfie stick,  high performance pen-size design.

4. Employ pen element in outside, pen hook design holder can hang on the pocket, or hold in pen box, really small and beautiful.

5. Changeable one piece multifunctional phone holder, suitable for sports cameras , universal international 1/4  screw ount, mirror design is easier to control the image for using rear camera, the foldable holder can stretch to suit most mobile phone.

6. Delicate and small package is better to export, own normal product standard and trademark and normal manufacturer production information for the record.It is not as these products without any standard information ,please feel confident to buy.

For detail foreign trade information and English version pictures: