Portable super mini selfie accessories of mobile phone vr case S come to the market
Date Time:2016-05-07 22:02:42   

Taobao released brand new shopping mode, Buy+. With Vitual reality technology, Buy+ creats interchangeable 3d shopping environment via computer image system and auxiliary sensing system. Buy+ will break through time and space limitation for customers to shop anywhere and try any goods.
Portable supreme mini selfie accessories of mobile phone VR case S combining with the selfie and VR , Contracted but not simple. She can be used with selfie stick, she is mobile phone cover, she is a phone stand, she is the best professional portable mini VR-can adjust the focal-Immersive Experience is better. New VR shopping way market the era of super mini VR case .  Traditional VR products are too heavy, no easy to carry. All in one VR need to be charged, very inconvenient.  But VR shopping is at anywhere and anytime. VR CASE S-Supreme mini portable VR, Pocket VR case to see the 3D movie anytime as you like,VR shopping as anytime, play VR game as you want …
1. Portable VR mobile phone cover and holder,
2. Selfie for mobile phone-can be used with selfie stick and tripod by 1/4 screw
3. Lovely pig mouth design- appearance is simple but cute
4. Can be adjusted the focal, closed, Immersive Experience is better
5.the most simple cost-effective performance VR with cheap price