VR CASE-Transformers mini version on sale now ! light,thin,mini
Date Time:2016-05-17 23:32:52   

VR CASE MINI,  pack light, colorful no longer single. Lighter and more portable but support large screen size . She breaking the traditional design of comfortable head strap, super clear fixed-focus lens no need the tedious adjustable pupillary distance. VR CASE - If there is any possibility … We will be better !
She is small and mini, abandon the heavy, stuffy
She is mini but no simple, fit for 6.3 inch phone
She has fixed-focus lens, You can enjoy hd immersive experience without any adjustment
She is transformers with curvy design. A rugged front covers to fix the phone
She is more comfortable for eyes, close to all kinds of face shapes, short-sighted users can wear it directly without take off the glasses , Soft silicone and ventilating imported materials
She has extraordinary quality. Pursue excellent achievement, Lead the latest VR trend, She is VR CASE MINI ! You're Worth It