Ultra clear VR case RK6th ( challenging all-in-one VR Super clear VR 6th ) hits the market !
Date Time:2016-07-30 02:01:04   

*1* Ultra-clear 130°wide visual angle, pure glass coated lens (Not usual resin lens with low light transmittance)
-------- Unconventional physical optics design of 38mm diameter, 40mm focal length, 130 degrees angle, makes a much wider field of view. High-definition imported optical glass with 19 processes reaches 99.7% light transmittance, far more than 93% that of ordinary resin lens, by which means more comfortable experience. Three layers anti-blue light and anti-UV glass coating process protects eyes and filter lights harmful to our eyes, reducing eye strain caused by long time watching VR.
Specific improvement: A. True high-definition graphic quality; B. Image color is soft and comfortable; C. Not easy to cause eye strain; D. Not easy to cause dizziness and feeling of vomiting; E. No distortion of images; F: Super-wide field of view; G. More scientific way of eyes protection
*2* Similarly all-in-one control system,  brand new portable combination remote control design.
     -------- The 3D joystick flexibly controls game up and down, play / pause / previous / next/ shooting/ punching etc. Flexibility combination: it equivalents to All-in-one machine when the remote control attaches to the vr case. It controls the video or games after paired with the bluetooth. While taken off, it becomes a professional VR gamepad, flexibly controls the game and video.
The design of All-in-one and remote control combination design:
A. Same function as All-in one machine control system; B. Professional VR controller; C. Single-hand operation; D. Gamepad can control chick simulator and various vr and PC & online games; E. Self-timer function;  F Portable mini remote; G. Compatible with IOS and Android Games
  *3* --------Brand new patented mobile phone clip, fits for all brand mobile phone design, free from pressing of mobile key function button
The clip is redesigned and patented. It can be adjusted towards 4 directions. Not need to worry about volume and power button being occupied. It’s much comfortable for you to move the mobile phone at your will. And it’s not necessary to take the phone out while you are enjoying the show if someone called. The cover’s new design allows you to pick up directly.
Brand new design of the phone clip cover: A. No clash with volume and power button. B. Moves up, down, to the left, to the right. C. Supports any brand smartphone of 4.7-6 inches. D. Central image simultaneously adjust upward and down. F. Own patent and rights reserved. G. Answer to calls without taking down the phone when enjoying VR programs.
*4*  Especially designed for myopic and adult user
------ No need to take off the glasses when using the VR CASE. Supports myopic user (700°). Imported eye pad for more comfortable wearing feeling.  Watch massive foreign video sources clearly.
The design for myopic user: A. can be used directly, no need to take off the glasses; B .Support myopic user (700°)  C. Watch adult video more clearer D. Watch various kinds of free VR resources
*5* Easy manipulation. One-button to regulate pupil and object distance . Front cover equipped with lock-up function, which holds the phone steadily and using safely.
 Based on one-button transmittance between two gears, it’s so simple to adjust pupil and object distance. When the phone is fixed onto the cover, the side lock-up function will activate. Even immerge yourself and move widely for entertainment could not shake it off.
Pupil & object distance structure design: A. Simple manipulation of the pupil and object distance. B. Steady phone cover design. C. Heat dissipation and ventilation design.
*6*  The design of professional head-mounted and imported eye pad, provide more comfortable after prolonged viewing
---Anti-pressure mechanic added on the top part of head, so that VR wearing gets more comfortable, imported eye pad makes your face with VR more fitting, more comfortable.
Professional imported materials and mechanical design: A More comfortable, B. eye shield and ventilating C. Lightweight materials means less pressure.

Brand Name: VR CASE
Product Name: VR CASE RK- 6th (ultra- clear version VR CASE 6)
Model : RK-6th(VR CASE 6)
The parameters of the lens: imported optical glass, 38mm diameter, 40mm focal length, 130 degrees wide angle coated lens
Product Configuration: Remote (Bluetooth chip of Shanghai BK3231), manual, lens cloth, instruction book
Product Weight: 630g
Packing size: 230MM * 170MM * 110MM
Product Size: 200MM (L) * 130MM * 100MM