Handheld 3-axis stabilizer face recognition gimbal
Date Time:2017-02-24 10:05:40   

RK-S3 is 3-axis handheld stabilizer with face tracking function. 360 panoramic shooting from any angle and fits for GOPRO, smartphones, interview digital devices, smart video recording equipment, etc. It’s a photography kit for more professional selfie, micro movies, interviews, recreation, parties, anniversary memory, wedding, adventures, meeting records and so on. This high cost performance portable stabilizer satisfies your desire for acquiring a professional photography tool.

Main functions:

1. Brand new counterweight model, supports different product models—GOPRO/ smartphones/ smart digital recording devices

2. Face tracking shooting—wherever you move, S3 sticks with you. Commonly used for meeting, recreation parties, micro movies.

3. Own selfie shot and external video shot machines function—It connects to selfie sticks, other 1/4 screw mounts, and selfie extending sticks.

4. 360 panoramic shooting from any angle—rolling, pitching, panning 3 axes panoramic shooting.