Lcose AR Gun Released
Date Time:2017-02-19 19:05:22   

With the boost of “catching Pikachu” game by Nintendo “Pokemon Go”, AR game gradually gained its popularity among users. Yet due to the delaying release of this game on China Mainland, Chinese players can’t enjoy this passion and entertainment. Now, for catching up with the pace and satisfy people’s curiosity of human-machine interaction, Lcose AR-GUN is launched. Lcose AR-GUN game spreads Augmented Reality throughout mainland, and provides the chance for users to experience mysterious technological enthusiasm of AR interaction. Now immerse yourself in the AR game!

Lcose AR-GUN main functions as below:

1. Mix characters in the game with real scenes, such as holding Pikachu on your hand like Nintendo games, AR-GUN can take AIs, animals, plants in the game to reality by your side.

2. Take photos with virtual AIs, animals, plants with real people like zombies, places and animals, and then share them with on social networks. Fulfill your desire of playing with your favorite game characters.

3. Accomplish the virtual missions. With Lcose AR-GUN, you can shoot virtual monsters which would suddenly pop out into reality. By mixing virtual games with reality, and interacting by ourselves, we open a door to the new world of exclusive games ever experienced.