RK07 the more professional and sync retina flash(Retina Flash) for front camera
Date Time:2015-09-10 03:45:12   
The facetime camera of iPhone6s/ 6s Plus has been upgraded to 5MP. Even if there are no such flash light as many people guessed, the retina flash has been added. That means iPhone6s/6s Plus can flash 3x brighter at a short time. But that is just white color, and the screen works as the flash light........
iphone6S/6S Plus use the screen as the facetime camera flash. While our flash light can be selfie kits for professional and wonderful pictures
Compare with iphone6S/6S Plus, the old version iphone6/5S/5C/5 and all kinds of android phones do not contain the front camera flash. RK07 selfie shooting using flash light can help save this problem. icanany RK07 is constituted with 8 cold-warm light bulbs which use same design as the iphone rear camera flash. This design can make the pictures look more natural and beautiful. Longkese icanany produces many models sync selfie flash light for your reference,  4 bulbs App needed sync flash light can match with bluetooth monopod and wired monopod using sync flash light rk06 , 16 cold-warm bulbs flash rk05.  We own the utility model patent for selfie flash light. The patent number: ZL201420683599.9.  As the professional selfie products producing team, we will create more useful products. Please look forward that.
The main function of RK07
1.8strong light bulbs mixed the cold and warm light make the light more natural, (The screen flash of iphone6S/6S plus shows the weak light, but our 8 bulbs flash can be used in darker areas)
2. cold-warm light bulbs which imitate the natural light can mix the yellow and white light as a result, the shooting in night will be exceptional. 
3. RK07 can be sync flash light. When you install the app of icanany, it can flash as the same time when using facetime camera.
4. 3 kinds of brightness can be chose (strong, medium. Weak), customer can slide the switch in the side to choose different brightness model according to different environment condition. 
5. RK07 can save the flaw that many existed phones which do not built-in flash for facetime camera. Give best selfie to you.

6. RK07 can be an emergency desk lamp, flashlight and keyboard lamp. It is built-in high capacity battery and can last work around 72 hours.