4 in 1 special effect lens RK-LENS1
Date Time:2015-09-19 19:26:14   

The facetime camera of iPhone6s Plus hasupdated to 5 mega-pixel. Even though there is no such front camera flash aspeople guessed, the Retina Flash has been added. That means iPhone6s Plus canimprove 3X brightness at a short time. While the light is white.as a result,the screen works as the flash. All the information shows that phone camera canwork same as the digital camera. What’s more, phone cameras will surpass digitalcameras in some functions. However, there are still many flaws in shooting byphone camera. Such as the limit of the phone camera lens itself. Many shutterbugsneeds more professional special effect lens,such as fisheye, macro, wide-anglelens. Icanany designed the all-new lens clip according to the smart phone shutterbugs.This clip owned the utility model patent can be suitable for special effectlens on market.


The functions of 4 in 1 special effect lensRK-LENS 1

1, the patented sliding shaft design clipis commonly used for all special lenses. This clip is compatible with 3in1 lens, 4 in 1 lens, telescope, and 8X zoom lens. It keeps the worryto be complained away and short usage

2. The unique and universal sliding shaftclip is been designed with a wide sliding range so can use for iphone/Samsung/Huaweiand other phones and pads. It is easy to use, firmly holding.

3. all-new 4 in 1lens bring more specialeffect for your photos. The macro lens can enlarge when shooting plant, warms,birds and make HD photos. Fisheye lens can show pictures which are taken in thefish eye angle. 0.67x wide angle lens make the shooting angle wider and no deadangle. The perfect 0.4x lens can show a super wide angle image.

4. It will be amazing when matching withselfie sticks. We provide professional special effect lens package, RK-LENSmust be the best phone shooting items and the specified one for export. Utilitymodel patented product, imitation is prohibited.