RGKNSE RK-S1 Lazy Magic Sticker hits the market
Date Time:2016-08-23 16:05:44   

Disadvantages of ordinary car magnetic mobile phone holders

1. Impairs the appearance. It requires a stainless steel plate sticks to the back of mobile phone.

2. Magnetic field affects GPS and signal.

3. Heavy and expensive.

Longkese lazy magic sticker. Small product, big idea. Powerful function advantages and cost performance as below:

1. Applied with import special gum, do not leave residues to mobile phone and walls (glass, tile and basically any household even and uneven surface). It can work repeatedly on smooth or rough surface, and has no affection to signal.

2. It’s suitable for massive customization activity promotional gifts, bank promotional gift, automobile brand gift, enterprise logo gift. It can be widely used for: cars, household container, shop commodity display, office storage and so on.

3. Washable and repeatedly use after natural drying. Various beautiful patterns are decorations when not in use. Max load ability reaches 1kg. It’s steady, thin and cheap and also easy to carry with different customized logos