Newly released mini size 4 in 1 selfie stick package RK-83
Date Time:2016-04-08 23:43:37   

RK-83 is the only one mini size selfie stick for gopro camera. It is a package including a portable zoom selfie control, a pen size selfie stick, a metal buckle and a 0.67X wide angle lens. The selfie control can be removed from the buckle and work separately.
The improvement as following
1. A selfie stick plus a control is the portable bundle. The shutter can use alone and it also can be used with the selfie stick.
2. Connect the gopro directly without using the adaptor. Pen size, mini and portable even for hold in the pocket.
3. Including a professional phone wide angle lens which can enlarge the shooting angle. As a result, the pictures look more professional.