Mobile phone virtual reality VR-CASE hit on the market
Date Time:2016-04-18 23:05:21   

VR(virtual reality), one of 4 main lightspots on CES2016, has became one of the field attracting most investment and attention. International business tycoon have all started their plan in this filed, ot only Samsung, HTC,Oculus but also Baofeng, Huawei and Xiaomi. Mass Vr game resources flooded out. None of these does not indicate approaching of VR(virtual reality) products in coming 2016. VR case ( a proffesional, devoted & universal virtual reality brand ), Immersive game style with IMAX 3D experience and handheld Super VR Bluetooth game controller will give you unexpected VIP enjoyment. Main improvements of VR case as following: 
The first: military quality lenses with 33.5 longer focus to anti dizziness. Carsickers can better enjoy the 3d vr case. While most of lens on the market employ aspheric lens with large diameter yet short focus. It make people dizzy and even vomitting. Our lens has experienced a series military quality requested process, 8 layer Nanometer multilayer coating, laser cutting, and 5 times repeated polishing. So our lens can efficiently anti visual fatigue, revivify 3D wide view, and represent an impeccable virtual world.
Second:Compare to the similar products on markets,it has scientifc streamline appearance,with double arc and dynamic music symbol design,making your headset more beautiful and perfect!
Third:The design of lens focus is more humanization, the focal distance can be adjusted around before and after aim at myopia user,,the lens focusing is designed with more humanization ergonomics, non-slip strength and signage are added,easy to use.
Fourth:In order to improve wool fabric and unenvironmental cloth cotton in market,we use high-end leather breathable durable and comfortable cotton material,according to the imported leather with professional air holes distance design,it makes more comfortable  when watching 3d movies and playing games for long time.
Fifth:With high-grade and comfortable wearing material and strength adhesive,armband cohesion is more soft and comfortable without hurting hands,making details more professional with perfect experience.
Sixth:Can be used with game joystick VR-BOX-RK which compatible with IOS9.2 and 9.X above,android system compatible with BaoFeng magic mirror,3d glasses compatible with all VR APP on markets(including 3D bobo,google game software,Baofeng magic mirror ect)
Seventh:Support OEM/ODM with customer own logo(such as VR CASE,VR-X ect),we have our own independent appearance and trademarks intellectual property.